Human Capital Consulting

Results. Measurable, meaningful and real. That’s what we deliver. No hopes or aspirations. We assess, identify and implement change that works. Change that works for the individual, change that works for the company. The change you need even when (perhaps especially when) you may not even realize your need.

Your customers are busy people too. They don’t want to wait for you to do better, to innovate, to lead them. They want you to be their champion now. The clock is ticking.

So how does it work? What do you get? Glad you asked. At the individual and team level, we assess your current and past performance. We identify your leader and team competencies that reveal your strengths and weaknesses. We poll all relevant stakeholders (subordinate, teammates, superiors and customers). We get a complete 360° view of you, your team, and/or your organization. 

This becomes your blueprint, your GPS, your personalized plan for performance improvement. Need more persuasion skills? You’re going to debate class. Weak in decision making? You will be spending a lot of time learning to “make the call”. Whatever the performance indicator in question, our work defines and quantifies your opportunities and pairs you with the resources to develop them.

For your organization, we audit your current situation and compare it with world class best practices. we identify your gaps and work with you to find solutions. This is science, not feeling. We talk performance; did you meet your goals? Why or why not? What made you successful or what was missing.

Our clients include the government, manufacturers, service organizations and others. We make them better by maximizing the value of their workforce. We help build great organizations by developing outstanding individuals and teams, ensuring that they have the tools and training to be exceptional.

Human Capital Services:

Leadership development
Leading change
Executive leadership retreats
Leader 360 surveys/feedback
Executive mentoring/coaching
Strategic planning/visioning

Change management
Culture assessment & change
Organizational design
Business process reengineering
Organizational effectiveness

Trust building
Self-assessments & diagnostics
Knowledge sharing
Effective communication
Creativity & innovation
Virtual work & distance leadership
Employee surveys
Mentoring & coaching