Innovative products and services drive competitive advantage.

Sure, you can go to your corporate meeting space onsite, or rent a hotel conference room down the street to conceptualize a new innovation or map a new product development process that will be on par with the competition. At best, this might lead to incremental thinking and incremental results. Most likely, it will lead to parity.

Day-to-day distractions, work demands, structures, boundaries, and corporate groupthink are the enemies of innovation.

Creativity, agility, and execution are what you seek.

Transformational thinking requires new thinking. To be innovative, your people must think freely and creatively. They must be inspired and prepared to take risks in an environment that will incubate and nurture their ideas. They must be able to unfreeze from old assumptions and bureaucratic inertia. It is hard to “think outside the box” when you are in the box.

An Innovation offsite retreat led by Panoptic Insight is the answer. The return on investment is orders of magnitude higher when you can go to a place that unleashes your full potential. The result? Better ideas, better processes, and an energized and committed team prepared to execute.

Let us help you find a road less traveled. You bring your ideas and an open mind. We will pick the destination. Prepare for inspiration.