Take control of your Leadership 360

Leadership 360 assessment is a business best practice. It enables leaders to receive feedback from multiple sources including their bosses, peers, and subordinates. Leaders can explore similarities and differences in how they rate themselves and how they are seen by others, and multiple ratings help paint a ‘true’ picture of what one is really like as a leader.

However, not all leadership 360s are the same. Many firms offer canned leadership 360s based upon proprietary competency models, with limited flexibility. We believe that the best competency model is the one that fits your leaders and your organization. Flexibility, the ability to mix and match competencies from several different competency models or build your own, helps organizations ensure that their leadership 360 assessment process is relevant for its leaders. Having the ability to include open-ended feedback and other measures important to your organization, such as leader engagement and work/life satisfaction will allow you to examine relationships between leadership competencies and other organizational success factors.

At Panoptic Insight, we have the tools, including a competency database, to help firms develop a leadership 360 assessment customized to their unique needs. So, the next time you administer a leadership 360 in your organization, take control so that the leadership 360 represents what you need and want, not what others say you need.